Season 2 - Episode 6: Black Fathers Matter

I'm a dad. This comes first. In all things, my being a father is at the top. 

I'm raising a girl. I'm raising a girl of color. I'm raising a little multi-racial black girl. I'm a black father raising a black girl. Granted, I'm Jamaican and Puerto Rican, with an Indian (from India) great-grandmother, but despite all this, I'm still black. I wish I could explain how this is difficult on so many different levels that I've lost count. I'm trying to show and spread love in a society that has no love for either of us. 

Don't believe me, peep the links below:

The Erasure of Black Girl's Childhood 

The same information above, but with less jargonese. 

It's not all doom and gloom. I love being black and I love being a father. "Why can't you just be a father?" Because that is not the way the world works. Why does black pride scare so many people? Why do functioning black families scare so many, including other black folks. I reject the notion that the default stare of American blackness is deficit, or lack, or dysfunction. Not today, or any other day, Satan. 

Here is an example of the struggle.

Malcolm Gladwell's "Revisionist History" is my favorite podcast. This episode tells you all you need to know about how modern education is screwing black children. Listen to it here.