Season 2 - Episode 4: A Bouncer's Life

I bounced for about fifteen years. I loved it. I'm a night owl by nature, so the hours were perfect. I also had a very unhealthy relationship with violence, so there's that, too.

It is a profession (yes, it is a profession) that demands a perfect blend of personality, intelligence, demeanor, physicality, and bullshitting--I am pretty well-versed in all these, so this work was like coming home. 

Eventually I had to quit. I started to feel like the old man in the club, despite working there, and it felt more like I was babysitting than working. I became a counselor to people dealing with wild emotional issues. Pretty obvious why and how I segued from this work into working with youth and families dealing with emotional and behavioral challenges. 

I work. I'm a hard worker. Very few people can outwork me. So, while I was bouncing, I had one or two other jobs. Not to mention I was in undergrad for a good portion of the time I was working clubs and parties. 

During my work I met some great people. Ex-military, off-duty cops, and very talented martial artists. One of the most locked-in people I met was Rudy Rogers. He has a video series for club security/doormen. I've put two clips below. If you are currently a bouncer, a nightclub owner, or thinking about getting into the profession you need to by all of Rudy's videos.

Stay safe.